We stock products by approximately 20 manufacturers--even products by manufacturers who are no longer in business. Our specialties include: 3Com, Used Cisco, Micom, MultiTech, US Robotics, Adtran, Gandalf, Hayes, Motorola, Codex, and UDS. We look for routers; hubs; modems; modem pools; remote access; multiplexers; 56K & 64K CSU/DSUs; T-1 or Fractional T-1 CSU/DSUs; terminal servers; ISDN products; PCMCIA cards; assorted peripherals; switches; UPS; and Cisco Memory.


Check out our listings on this site to see what we're looking for today. If you don't see your product listed, feel free to let us know what you have, for our future reference. Finally, if you're ever looking for cost-effective solutions for your network, be sure to check out our main sites, www.datacomsource.com and www.nationaldatamux.com



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